Water Tricycle

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Capacity 2 persons
Size 3*2*2m
Power Pedal
Color can be customized
Brand Jason®

Water bikes are very popular amusement events in recent years. No matter in theme parks or amusement parks, funfair playground. Among theme, water tricycles, also know as aqua cycle water trikes have become very popular in recent years. They can be used for recreational sports and water competitions. 

Jason® water tricycle is an adventure on the water for all ages. Their innovative design and durable materials allow Jason® water tricycle to traverse lakes, rivers, and beaches with ease. It is one of most popular amusement park rides.

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Big and Bright

First of all, their innovative design and durable materials allow Jason® Water Trikes to traverse lakes, rivers, and beaches with ease.

Water sports locations rate Jason® at the top of their paddleboat rental list. Furthermore, adults and children alike enjoy the safe, smooth ride of Jason® aqua cycle water trikes at hotels and resorts, water sports rentals, and other popular vacation spots.

Easy to Operate 

Three wheels, wide paddles, and flexible steering make Jason® Water Trikes easy to ride with stability and smooth maneuverability. Hence, using them is intuitive, with no special lessons or extra equipment necessary.

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Built to Last

Water sports operators around the world love their simple, sturdy design, a quality that only comes with “Made in China” products and their easy-to-clean and maintain structure while customers love their fun, unique experience. Jason® is available in five bright, UV-resistant colors that attract new crowds across the beach, bay, or marina to the water sports location.


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It seems like, whether on the beach, at a dock, on a pier or at a lake, in fresh or saltwater, Jason® Water Tricycle just keep on renting and making you money. Five bright colors to choose from and even more important is our unique durable design.


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