Water Pedal Boat

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Capacity 4-6 persons
Product Weight 160KG
Loading Weight 500KG
Size 4*1.5*1.6m
Battery 12V 150AH
Brand Jason®

The water pedal boat is our 2020 latest design model, it is also called foot pedal boat, and very popular in theme park, amusement park, funfair playgrounds, etc. The service life of the PE hull and brand engine has been extended. It is one of most popular amusement park rides.

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The hull is guaranteed for three years and the engine is guaranteed for one year, which can bring you more profits. The main thing is that tourists can step on the pedal, listen to music, and have a drink on the boat without getting bored.
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When tourists are tired, they can choose to ride a motorcycle. The vast interior space allows people to travel by boat freely and comfortably. In this era, people pay more attention to spiritual enjoyment than life. Amusement equipment will become more and more popular, take this opportunity to contact us!
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