Hydrobikes Water Bike

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Capacity 2 persons
Model HDL-001
Dimensions 307*143*128cm
Weight 62Kg
Brand Jason®

If you are looking for a very safe and fun water recreation, hydro bikes water bikes will be your best choice. Hydrobikes water bikes have been synonymous with fun & fitness on the water in 74 countries now since the pedal-powered waterbike was invented over 25 years ago. It is enjoyed by everyone from 8-80 years old and a superior value for your family's enjoyment. So, It is the first choice for theme parks, amusement parks, funfair playgrounds, rental outlets, etc. It is one of most popular amusement park rides.
hrdrobikes water bike-amusement ride
hrdrobikes water bike-amusement ride
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Hydrobikes Water Bike More Details
Built-in Storage
Stow extra clothes, beverages, and cargo. There's even a handy cup holder.
Shallow Water
Operates in less than one foot of water. Automatically pivots up and over obstacles like rocks or sand. Beaches easily without prop or rudder damage.

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Hydrobikes Water Bike Advantages:
Easy to ride
Safe and stable 
Reliability, low maintenance
Trouble-free operation

hrdrobikes water bike-amusementparkride

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