Vertical Swing Ride

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Equipment Height 48m 66m
Running Height 48m 58m
Capacity 36 Person 36 Person
Coverage 35m×27m 35×28m
Power 87kW 110kW
Voltage 380V/220V/50Hz 380V/220V/50Hz

Vertical Swing Ride Introduction
Vertical Swing Ride, also knows as swing drop ride or drop tower swing ride, it is the newest thrill rides produced by Jason® and it belongs to the tower rides. It is a unique attraction that appeals to both young and old, the adventurous and not so adventurous. 
High swing ride is an indispensable amusement equipment in amusement parks, including large parks, cultural and tourist squares, commercial squares and other amusement places are good amusement items. The equipment instantly lifts the tourists to a height of 20 meters, and instantly "falls back" to the ground. The equipment also jumps and rotates back, bringing infinite stimulation and happiness to the tourists. 

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