Rotate Top Spin

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Product Name Rotate Top Spin
Equipment Height 11.8m
Running Height 12.6m
Capacity 38 Persons
Voltage 380V/220V/50Hz
Power 330kw
Coverage 31m×18m
Brand Jason®

Rotate Giant Top Spin Sky Rides Introduction
This rotate giant top spin also called top spin sky rides or space travel rides, it is one of most extreme thrill rides. It is a large amusement park rides that has luxurious decoration, beautiful shape, and strong stimulation, so it is very popular among all the thrill seekers.
When the rotate top spin works, the cockpit will swing into the sky at high speed, along with the arm can rotate to make people feel like in space. Compared with the traditional top spin, this type can not only rotate clockwise or counterclockwise, but also swing left and right with different amplitudes. It will give riders more exciting feelings and strong thrilling stimulation.

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