Octopus Jumping Rides

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Product Name Octopus Jumping Rides
Capacity 40 persons
Arms 5 arms
Brand Jason
Cabin 20 cabin
Power 14 kw
Voltage 380/220V
Brand Jason®

Octopus Jumping Rides Introduction
Octopus jumping ride is a typical large kids carnival rides produced by Janson Amusement Equipment. It is also a popular jitterbug swing ride and suitable for amusement park, theme park, mall, shopping center, and carnival, etc.
The octopus jumping rides have the shape of an octopus and loved by kids very much. It usually has five arms, each arm hanging a few cockpit. When running, both the arms and the cockpit run along different trajectories, each cockpit can seat 2 people. When passengers take a ride, they'll not only rotate along with the whole rides but also revolve with another 2 cockpits installed on the same arm. At the same time, every cockpit can also go up and down freely, just making passengers feel like swimming in the sea with lovely animals.

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