Jellyfish Kid Ride

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Product Name Jellyfish Kid Ride
Seats 24/32 Persons
Cabins 6/8 Cabins
Diameter 8m
Power 10kw
Voltage 380v
Startup Method Remote start
Remaks Colors,design can be customized as your request
Brand Jason®

Jellyfish Kid Ride Introduction
Jellyfish kid ride is also called jellyfish rotating rides, it is one of the small kid's amusement rides, and also a type of a small swing ride. This kid's amusement rides are very popular among the theme park, amusement park, kids playground, entertainment playground, etc.
Jellyfish rotating ride consists of 6 balloon cockpits, the capacity of 6/8 balloon cockpits, and it’s shape like a beautiful jellyfish. When the whole kiddie carnival rides spins, each cockpit can be rotated as well by players’ handling the central stick. The rotating jellyfish rides can particularly maximize the speed of rotation, and bring the most thrilling and happiness to all players. Its cute design can attract many players to play and help you to earn money. At the same, it will bring players happiness.

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