Double Decker Carousel

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Type Seats Speed Power Diameter Height
ZM-12 12 5-7 R.P.M. 3kw 5m 6.2m
ZM-16 16 5-7 R.P.M. 3kw 5.8m 6.2m
ZM-24 24 3.5 R.P.M 6kw 8m 5.6m
ZM-32 32 3.5R.P.M 7kw 8.5m 7m
ZM-36 36 3.5 R.P.M 7.5kw 9m 7.8m

Double Decker Carousel Introduction
Carousel rides are always one of the most popular equipment in the amusement park, which is suitable for kids and adults, and you can see one shiny and beautiful carousel in the center of almost every amusement park.

A newly designed double-decker carousel by Jason is more beautiful and wonderful than the normal one. This double-decker merry go round is suitable for playgrounds, parks, shopping malls, squares, kindergarten, restaurants, communities, residential quarters and other types of indoor or outdoor venues. Wherever you place it, I believe that it can attract many people to have a look and try.

double decker carousel wholesale and custom

double decker merry go round-jason rides

double carousel-jason rides

double decker carousel-jason rides

Double Decker Carousel Details
1. Animal-themed ceiling with colorful lights
2. High-quality glass fiber reinforced plastic seats are available in various shapes.


double decker merry go round details-jasonrides

double carousel details-jasonrides

double decker carousel details-jasonrides


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